Our technology stack consists of interactive & dynamic Client Side Scripting, robust, reusable and maintainable Server Side Scripting and cutting edge open source Ruby On Rails technology (server side). We enjoy writing in Ruby On Rails more than any other language or framework.

ruby rails


Technologies & Tools/Frameworks: Ruby On Rails, Sinatra, Padrino, RSpec, Ruby, MongoDB, Go, HTML5,  CSS3, Javascript, Zeptojs, RubyGems, Javascript libraries such as jQuery, jQuery UI, RequireJS, angular, CSS pre-processors like SASS & LESS, Node.js, express.js, responsive frameworks such as Twitter BootStrap & Foundation

Database: MySQL and Postgres and NoSQL database like MongoDB

Deployment Tools: Capistrano, Heroku, Github and Amazon EC2 (Amazon Web Services), Digital Ocean

Server: Nginx, Apache, Unicorn and Puma

Integration of Web-Service using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google API’s

OS: Ubuntu, VM Ware

Version Control: Git,  SVN