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CoalWorks, a start-up web development team that design’s & builds web applications, apps in the cloud and has a strong ability to develop web based products.

We can build a range of apps such as complex apps that, for example, can plug in to various e-commerce portals and create functionality that will allow an individual to manage his or her business remotely.

We write clean, efficient and maintainable code. And design robust, scalable and secure features. Our technology stack consists of interactive & dynamic Client Side Scripting, robust, reusable and maintainable Server Side Scripting and cutting edge open source Ruby On Rails technology (server side). We enjoy writing in Ruby On Rails more than any other language or framework which increases productivity and reduces time and cost.

You may also call us between 11 am to 8 pm IST (call +91-98200-77322) or directly email us at Our website address is Feel free to browse through our site and ask questions. We are happy to help you.

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