The Internet of Things cometh ( In the near future everything will be connected to everything via the Internet. According to Gartner there will be nearly 26 billion devices on the Internet of Things by 2020. “ The idea of a globally interconnected continuum of devices, objects and things in general emerged with the RFID technology, and this concept has considerably been extended to the current vision that envisages a plethora of heterogeneous objects interacting with the physical environment.“” (

Even the London Underground is on track to join the Internet of Things . Collaboration can mean more proactive equipment maintenance and asset monitoring. Instead of solving a problem after it’s happened, using M2M technology being aware before and when it happens, and being able to fix it before it’s disruptive. The technology is expected to improve customer service levels on the London Underground by 30 percent and save 30 percent on the cost of running the rail support network.  (

So what’s the end analysis ? The very way in which we interact with society will change. As costs come down, new business models will emerge and the way in which we locate, eat, shop, take care of our children and monitor our finances will change, having a direct impact on our lifestyles.

According to a McKinsey report on the Internet of Things, new ways of delivering value will emerge ( It also has a fascinating podcast on the Internet of Things.

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