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Starting Web Development: II

  Picking up on our previous discussion on web development: I, here is a writeup that talks more about this subject. The four basic technologies of “front end” web development are: HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. HTML stands for Hyper… Continue Reading →

WhereCity : The Previous Avatar of CoalWorks

  I founded and managed a portal on Mumbai’s lifestyle offerings called WhereCIty for five years. WhereCity was a New Media company prior to CoalWorks. / was a one stop portal on Mumbai city. The site was a… Continue Reading →

Concept Note: Twitter Bootstrap

The CoalWorks site was developed using Bootstrap. Twitter Bootstrap is the most popular free front-end framework for developing responsive & mobile-first projects on the World Wide Web. It is an open-source collection of tools for creating dynamic websites and web… Continue Reading →

Technology & Skills

Our technology stack consists of interactive & dynamic Client Side Scripting, robust, reusable and maintainable Server Side Scripting and cutting edge open source Ruby On Rails technology (server side). We enjoy writing in Ruby On Rails more than any other… Continue Reading →

Adobe Celebrates 25 Years of Photoshop

“We’ve all grown up on Photoshop, it’s perhaps one of the most important pieces of software ever created.” “Adobe have just put out a nice tribute to its 25th anniversary for all of us to enjoy… It’s called “Dream On”… Continue Reading →

Technology: Getting started with Ruby On Rails

This blog post is one of a two part series. This blog post is intended for serious programmers who would like to explore the much talked about Ruby On Rails. Our decision to use Rails is above all one of… Continue Reading →

Who We Are…

At heart, we are web application developers who build applications for the Web, the Intranet and who engage in Web based product development. Our team consists of skilled people who can design & build your next app using advanced techniques… Continue Reading →

Technology: Learning HTML 4/5

Markup languages are the building block of the Web.  They help you create everything from the most simplistic of web pages to the development of feature rich content, forming the basis for dynamic pages. HTML is a markup language that… Continue Reading →

Technology: Javascript

JavaScript, an all important programming language is the building block of the Web. “HTML5 is great. JQuery is cool. Node.JS is awesome. Base those on the solid, powerful basement of pure JavaScript and you can rock the web!” –…. Continue Reading →

Technology: HTML5 Shiv

Since the discussion about HTML5 Shiv can be condensed into just a few short sentences, the following excerpts from articles provide all the necessary links and introduction to a developer who is savvy with front-end development. HTML5Shiv is a JavaScript workaround,… Continue Reading →

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